Always a Good Deal On Your Fuel


No saving points, stamps, or cards, but direct discount via the Tankey app.


Save! Discounts are off pump price, and often  5cent per liter.


More than 400 participating stations in the Netherlands.


Your Tankey partner can compensate your COs, or you choose to compensate yourself.

1. Create an account

Set up your free Tankey account in a few steps.

2. Link your partners

Unlock the discount(s) from your partners, or get the Tankey basic discount!

3. Find your station

Tankey directly shows the nearest station,
or you can check all stations on the map

4. Select pump number

At the station, select your pump
number in the app, and confirm. Your discount is now activated!

5. Compensate CO2

Your Tankey partner compensates CO2,
or you can choose to compensate yourself.

6. Save Money!

After fueling, you pay a lower price. Your
Tankey discount is directly awarded, while
you pay at the station as you are used to.

Tankey for everyone

Everyone can start using Tankey. Just download the free app. Your first two fueling sessions you receive a direct discount of 5 cent per liter off pump price. After that, you receive the basic discount of 1 cent per liter. Want more discount? Become a customer of one of the Tankey partners!

More discount with your Tankey partners

The Tankey partners want to reward you as their customer. By giving you something extra for on the road. And the more Tankey partners you have, the more discount you get at the pump!

Always a station near!

There are almost 400 participating stations in the Netherlands. Here you can check where the stations are located. There is always one near you or on your route. And the amount of participating stations will keep on growing!

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