Why we Exist

In today’s fast-moving world, customer loyalty is undervalued. Tankey aims to create a counter-movement. Together with our partners, we reward loyal customers where it counts: by offering great direct discounts at the pump.

When we look at the market, we still often see loyalty programs that are not relevant to customers. By using new technology in our app and connecting multiple partners in one program, we feel we are making a change. By creating a loyalty program that is truly customer-centric.

Where we come from

Tankey was founded by Paul Akass & Eva Oudshoorn inside of energy company Innogy. After one year of working with our founding partners energiedirect.nl (an Innogy brand) and Tamoil Nederland, Tankey was spun out as stand-alone company. To focus fully on the product, attract strategic partners and future shareholders.

The ground we've covered

With the business plan in full swing, we have now expanded Tankey to 400 stations, included CO2 compensation, added new partners to the program, set up customer service and improved technology. There are still many steps ahead and our list of new ideas is full. With digital, loyalty and fintech concepts flourishing in the Netherlands, it’s ever more possible to aim high. And we are doing just that!

Connecting at our core

Tankey believes in connecting. Why? Because connections just make things stronger. This is why we designed Tankey as a coalition loyalty program that stacks loyalty benefits from partners. This way, discounts for our loyal customers will just keep growing! Together with our customers and our partners we keep looking for ways to improve the Tankey app and the proposition to our customers. Want to be part of this, as a Tankey partner or as a Tankey team member? Connect to us!

Many people to Thank

Tankey wouldn’t be the success it is today without so many people along the way. From us at Tankey and for all all the many efforts and contributions from big and small: Thank you.

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