Tankey: your loyal
customers directly rewarded!

In today’s fast-moving world, customer loyalty is undervalued. Tankey aims to create a counter-movement and reward loyalty in a new, direct way. Together with our partners and with our unique technology as a strong foundation, we can reward loyal customers where it counts: with great direct discounts at the pump.

Tankey is set up as a multi-partner program: uniting different partners to maximize the benefits for both customer and partners. The more partners join the program, the more the discount for our customers grows, and the more all our partners benefit. In the meantime, we at Tankey take full care of keeping the technology and app up to latest standards, while adding new engaging features for your customers. This is how we jointly keep building Tankey for our partners and their customers!


Benefits for Partners

At Tankey we combine the strengths of our partners to benefit both our customers and partners. Are you you are a fuel network seeking to improve sales?  A corporation that needs a meaningful loyalty boost? Looking to reap the benefits of today’s digital possibilities? Tankey can help you.


Keep customers longer and increase their value to your company. Build positive customer relationships and strengthen your brand.


Because of the combination of partners, Tankey provides you get access to new pools of potential customers for your offerings.


Through Tankey you can find new and meaningful customer insights. As a basis to improve your product offering or to innovate.


Tankey is a new communication channel for you. Create positive customer interactions and surprise your customers with extra's.

Hear what our Partners are saying

'We joined Tankey to be part of this very innovative loyalty scheme. We are now able to know our customers and reward them directly, with better prices and a relevant proposition that is fully digital. Through the coalition with other partners, the program grows and becomes stronger: creating more opportunities for all members!'

'Tamoil has found a true partner in the field of loyalty. By joining forces with various parties from different industries under the Tankey umbrella, the consumer can be offered a unique offer & experience that is not possible without cooperation.'

'As the #1 challenger in the energy market we are continuously looking for ways to make energy smarter and easier for our customers, within and outside of their homes. By partnering with Tankey we can offer our customers easy, direct discount on their energy on the road, a great service perfectly fitting our brand!'

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Tankey can generate meaningful results. Tankey is working with many partners across many sectors – we are here to help you reach your goals.

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